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Who we are

We are the Bogale Family – Fasil, Sally and little Willow. We love coffee. And we are doing our best to cross the ‘Green Bridge’ to a more sustainable lifestyle. Combining these two passions, in 2016 we decided to start roasting high quality organic coffee from around the world and sell it at affordable prices, so that more people (including ourselves!) can enjoy chemical-free, delicious, sustainably-produced coffee. And boy does our coffee taste delicious… 🙂 

Our Vision

A world where all human societies have crossed the ‘Green Bridge’ to sustainable lifestyles, where all the products we consume are grown in harmony with nature.

Our Mission

To help in our own little way to build the ‘Green Bridge’ to a more sustainable way of life, by selling delicious, high quality and affordable organic coffee from across the World. We support organic producers, ethical consumption, and the local economy. 

Our Principles

Organic coffee beans - people working together

  • We promote only organic products
  • We buy all our products as directly from the producer as possible
  • We either use Fair Trade products or products where the cooperatives clearly protect producer rights
  • We make  our products as affordable as possible for our customers
  • We commit to high quality products
  • We use our marketing materials to promote sustainable consumption
  • We aim to provide a safe, fun and inspiring work environment